Film Theory: How WandaVision Will End And Why It Matters (Marvel)

Birt 4 feb 2021
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I am thoroughly impressed with Disney's first Marvel Disney show, WandaVision. The old time sitcom comedy mixed with the almost Twilight Zone feel of the mystery is just what I needed to reinvigorate the Marvel Theory side of my brain. Today Loyal Theorists, I am going to PREDICT the end of WandaVision based on all of the cluse so far - plus how I think it will shape the rest of the MCU moving forward. You won't want to miss this!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Bob Chipman, and Zach Stewart
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • It's incredible how he got it exactly right. Agatha was a minor villain in the end, sure, but Wanda definitely is on the path to becoming a villain again, and she was being manipulated by the Sword Director.

  • Didn't watch this till I found the finally

  • Who else is here after the series is already over?

  • Fun Fact: Your scrolling through the comments reading and stopped when you saw the words "Fun Fact" He literally was right about like 90% of this. That's crazy

  • wanda is a reality stone on legs

  • Some people have speculated that the line will become "no, more mutants" and will be wanda creating them/pulling them into this dimension. The power of a comma.

  • I’ve been putting off watching this theory until the show finished, just in case the theory ended up being right. Time to finally watch it!

  • Wow, MatPat, this is so on point it feels like I’m just watching a post-mortem of the show. Good job man. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Coming back after the series finale to binge all these theories

  • 2:59 You mean Voldemort?

  • the way most of this is right--

  • Who else did not want to watch this until they finished wanda vision

  • I won’t theory for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It’s just like another addiction but with more disappointment and misleading

  • Came here after season finale episode

  • Aged like milk

  • Oh wait the part about the powerful witch being loose wasn't actually wrong. He kinda got it right

  • Did anyone else wait to see the finale of the season/series before coming to this?

  • Does anyone think that wanda is like the reality stone to you?

  • turns out it was Agatha all along

  • i gotta disagree with the “bad for one of the mcu’s major female characters to be a villain”. i’m a girl who relates a lot to the sitcom thing wanda went through and she’s so much more interesting as an anti hero/ maybe villain (?) than she was as a hero in my opinion. it makes perfect sense that she’d do these bad things to bring back vision and have a normal life, and it shows that you don’t need to have an all-powerful-she-can-do-no-wrong sort of character with no personality and disguise it as a “girl boss”. she’s got flaws like a real three dimensional person (albeit worse than most people’s flaws) so i think it’s a much better characterization in terms of feminism and representation.

    • @Mahdi Hassan Prionto ? what about any of this paragraph made you think i was “not like other girls”. plus i passed that phase a long time ago

    • Aw and your a ‘I’m not like the other girls’ person

  • Mephisto is Ralph

  • well. youve won mat pat. its not a theory anymore, its a prophecy.

  • Ah... So that's what happens if mom counted to 3

  • Mann, MATPAT is the OG Threorist! He guessed the no Mephisto, Wanda being alone in the end of series, Wanda unlocking scarlet witch powers, agatha controlling things arnd wanda

  • I'm here after watching the finale. Yea this guy was almost completely spot-on just 4 episodes in. Good job! Tho I like that how it actually turned out is slightly different than this prediction

  • I really wanted a John Wick reference from the boys figuring out Agnes killed their dog

  • This is a goddamn summary of WandaVision

  • I am reborn

  • i was agatha all along

  • u only missed agatha being the big bad 😭 but everything is so accurate it's SCARY

  • I prefer annihilus, instead

  • Pretty spot on

  • Here 30 views before 4,000,000 views

  • Back then convinced Now oof

  • Would very much love to see a theory of what you think is gonna happen in future productions after seeing the wandavision finale

  • Whos watching this after episode 9?

  • Harmony and horror film theory pleaseee

  • Me laughing at the final 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The dislikes are from the people didn’t expect spoilers in a theory

  • You should crossover with New Rockstars one of these days and have some epic Marvel Theory video.

  • Is it bad that I can hear that matpat is not in the closet, I can hear his echo in his voice so he must be in a room where the is no foam (or any clothes)

  • Who's here after the season finale?

  • What if the “other” witch has a real identity

  • LOL!!!!

  • that just didn’t happen ._.

  • Because Hexagons are the Bestagons!!! Convert

  • Funny how Matpat is 90%right in this video and wrong in future videos....

  • Matpat is right about mephisto misdirect, was wrong about dottie being witch, one win, one loss.... Fair enough.

  • 4:42 laughs in Coco

  • I wish matt pat still did some niche theories like his old binding of Isaac one and some other stuff like his ARG videos I know he’s thriving and branching out and doing a great job but I do miss the science typically being behind it or the driving force of the episode and how it was almost an hour like a video essay format of where the three didn’t necessarily had to be right it was just using the evidence showing what conclusions could be made in a fun thought provoking way. Still love him and steph still fans of the creators I grew with along time ago just don’t resonate as much with the newer content.

  • Mattpatt: the dark lord of all things which is super weird Me: duh becasue their the authority or something which they imprison gods

  • I'm so glad I waited to watch this until I got the chance to watch the series.

  • The handsome venezuela renomegaly name because herring independently compare athwart a tan degree. detailed, attractive poland

  • Ok defo, but I’m still confident Mephisto is coming. That post-post credit scene in the finale all but confirms it. It’s happening, and I’m excited

  • i refused to watch these wanda vision videos because i didn’t want any spoilers even if no one really knew exactly what was happening and so far, i’m very glad i watched the series first

  • Just finished episode 9...let's do this!!!

  • Who else is watching this after the finale to see how close he was?

  • I watched this 2 weeks ago and this video was just plain spoilers with how accurate it is

  • Comin back after it ended

  • Comming back to this after the finale👀

  • watching this after the finale, surprisingly a lot of this was true!

  • Nah man, they dead now 😂😂😂😂

  • To be fair.... Disney probably wouldn't let them use the word meh fisto .... 😆 🤣... all you millenials were way off. The backwards toaster was the best tinfoil moment since playing heavy metal albums backwards.

  • Here after the finale...

  • This one aged well. (Not)


  • Nothing like waiting to finish the finale, just so I can see if MatPat was right. Edit: It's scary that he was almost entirely right

  • who knew matt pat could see the future

  • Nice video and all, but I've no sympathy for folks who make their dollahs by predi things, and then it turns out they're wrong sometimes. I'll click "Like" anyways. I guess. Are we sufficiently meta yet?

  • Me watching after the ending: I came back from the future

  • mans really said: i didnt know it but i actually did know that IT WAS AGATHA ALL ALONGGG

  • I love how he basically summarized the entire series without even seeing all the episodes since they weren’t all out at the time-

  • I think this is the best series every when you think about all the layers they had! (Marvel fan) I almost threw my screen out the window at the end of ep 8!!!! How do you sleep?!?!

  • Marvel when it fuels fan theories that lead to nowhere for the umpteenth time: You didn't see that coming?

  • Here after seen the final episode

  • MatPat: agnes being agatha is a misdirection. Marvel: our plan worked? I - I II I mean of COURSE IT WORKED!

  • If ur fine with spoilers press see more This was mainly SACERLY correct

  • Who's here after the episode 9 finale

  • me having just watched the final episode: *laughs in sokovian*

  • MatPat explaining House of M: "an oversimplification of events" Jimmy Woo called, you stole his meme.

  • Pov: you came back to see if they were right

  • You should make a Shin Godzilla theory

  • Me just watching Matt’s videos to check and see if he got them all right

  • This man straight up just theorized the whole show 4 episodes in lmao

    • i mean most hard core mcu fans did too, some were even more on point than mat

  • This is when i realized Wanda is even more of my favorite character- Wanda: " I AM A GODESS "

  • What a bloody spolier about agatha. Im really angry about that.

    • I mean if you don’t want spoilers you really shouldn’t look at theories, especially things that are based off of existing material

  • Oh hey, they never actually bring in Mephisto. We get the Agatha plot twist WITHOUT needing the devil and having to mess with China. Not bad not bad.

  • well that was pretty accurate. i think her turning dark tho was just hinted, and will get more extreme in dr. strange

  • Ya know, fairy accurate

  • Watching these theories only now to see how close he got

  • Bruh this is the first true prediction he's made

  • I disagree I LOVE the title Multiverse of Madness

  • I waited until the show was finished to watch this so I didn’t get accidentally spoiled

    • Same, and I’m glad I did because everything is SO ON POINT

  • I hate what they did with Evan Peters but i absolutely loved that finale

  • This aged well

  • Me: watching this after Wanda vision completed Internet : Respect+

  • the most accurate theorist

  • Whos here after last episode and 2 post credit scenes? BTW i dont even understand if this will be right in future because of post credit scene 2 and film theory's skrull theory (though not perfectly true) is getting somewhere.........

  • So Wanda made it all up her children weren’t real and SWORD did have a previous interaction with Wanda Agatha didn’t say she was working with anyone cough Mephisto. Wanda still here’s her children in her head. Agatha kept saying she didn’t know what she did so maybe Agatha trapped Mephisto and when she lost her powers Mephisto was free. Maybe

  • Who's here after watching the final episode of wandavision?