Film Theory: The BIG Mistake of Monsters Inc

Birt 11 feb 2021
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By now, most of us know the end of Monsters Inc. The Monsters discover that the screams they've been using as a power source are not the most optimized way to do business. Which, you know, is good to find out given the terror they've been puting generations of kids through. Thanks to the adventures of Sully, Mike and Boo, they find out laughter works even BETTER than the sreams. What I want to know, Theorists, is WHY that is and, more importantly, did the Monsters actually make a big MISTAKE?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • 09:50 the word "addiction" and and "whose line is it anyway?" so close close together sound like a substance abuse

  • Use the door to a movie theater

  • On the point of the group of 11th graders getting silver for producing electricity from sound. Although not as amazing as that, the person who created the current US flag was also a high school student and got a B-.

  • As a parent who currently shares a room with her 6 year old son, that intro was me trying to get to bed every night 😂

  • So that begs the question, how are they harvesting dopamine brain chemicals out of these kids? . . . . . .

  • So, Patch Adams was right all along about laughter helping people

  • Anyone remember sully's big scare in monsters university?

  • I am reborn

  • The Yellow lantern corps

  • How did matpat know I have headphones!?!?!

  • Harmony and horror film theory pleaseee

  • Positivity, Not as Powerful as Negative, but reactions well.

  • Time to go green. Forget SOLAR energy this is the FUTURE

  • Why arent we using this in the real world then?

  • Nice sponsor transition dam

  • i am the worst - covid 19 …bots-Jake Paul

  • tea

  • Actually I feel as though if the monsters regularly show up in adult's bedrooms they'd get exposed eventually. Preying on kids is easier because of how naturally paranoid they are and it'd just be shrugged off. Also, because they can fight back can also be another factor.

  • And this theory would make sense if the portals they use to get into the kids bedrooms didn't need more energy than the one they produce with either laughter or screams...

  • This is easily one of my favorite movies of all time.

  • Me when MatPat creates a theory that makes a lot of sense: Happy When he says "It's just a theory, a FILM THEORY!": You just ruined my day. Congratulations!

  • I debunk your theory by stating that the energy they use does not come from "sound waves" or "dopamine" but actually emotions = energy in motion. I don't want to get into more details.

  • Me after looking at a meme: *produces happy*

  • I love the intro

  • Instructions unclear set myself on fire now being treated for 3 degree burns I did lose 12 pounds tho

  • Phillipine students: "Invent a sound based energy source" Videoke singers: It's showtime TA TA RA TATA TAAAAAAA

    • Me when MatPat creates a theory that makes a lot of sense: Happy When he says "It's just a theory, a FILM THEORY!": You just ruined my day. Congratulations!

  • Guys, if we put loud music from a phone or something connected and in front of the reverse speaker, would we get infinite energy

  • Still they have access to any door, so why are they scaring kids, when they can steal uranium?

  • I swear hes the cutest thing ever

  • The monsters don’t repeatedly keep scaring the same kid over and over again! It’s common sense to know that the more someone gets introduced to something, it will be more expected and predictable. Why wouldn’t millions of monsters from each electric company not know a simple function of the brain? Monsters should also be exploring new ways to get energy from humans also! Maybe just maybe they can a better source that doesn’t involve making portals into peoples homes and scaring the living day lights out of them!! Laughing is just like scaring since people can’t be introduced with the same gag over and over again!! It won’t be funny any more!!! The reason why the laughing was so much a big hit is because monsters can stay with the same kid and give different joke each night! The kid will laugh as long as you don’t do the same gag!! That’s my conclusion!

  • Film theory: how much power is in a scream canister.

  • wow comedians are fitness triners

  • No cartoon monster will scare anyone after fnaf 4-

  • One time, I heard that someone had asked why the monsters at monsters inc don’t scare adults, considering that adults would have a more powerful scream, thus creating more energy.

  • Dont worry the kid lying in the bed is just in hospital and its just nightmare ;)

  • Love the intro one of his best.

  • 6:45 people playing horror games lose 100 calories per second next time when I am playing a horror game I am going for extreme level

  • I'm a little dissapointed in MatPat's mess up on the decibel thing... the difference between them is logarithmic, meaning for each +10 in decibels, it is 10 times more powerful, so for a difference of 25, its about 400x more energy. Not sure where he got the 56x number from....

  • Wait ao how could they transfer that into energy? Like i undertale the sound one i just sont understand now they he said its not the sound

  • The gold medal winner created a baking soda volcano

  • Has MatPat not heard of Sound Powered Phones?

  • But! How do they use dopamine as energy???

  • Feir is infinite

  • I half thought this was a theory on Shrek Wasoski, not disappointed though 😆


  • If anime taught me anything the power of friendship reigns supreme over all!

  • 8:25 is that.... is that louis theroux?

  • The real issue about scaring adults, is that they would retaliate.

    • “Emotion can be used as energy” Reminds me of how agony powers animatronics in fnaf.

  • On 2:24 3 not 2.

  • The biggest error in this theory is the "screams have decreased effectiveness". Unless they've only been in business for literally 16-ish years or less, there would of been more and more kids to scare who aren't resistant. It made it seem like they only have same group of kids since it's started.

  • But how does dopamine make power? I might of missed that point but I think you glossed over that.

  • I’m shocked about depression with the virus

    • Mat im from the philipines ok that got silver since its too big brain for smol brains ya get?

  • Is the kid at 7:24 american?

    • Also the more you scare the same child the more likely they become unafraid. Talk about fear therapy lol

  • "a speaker but in reverse [...] instead of taking power and converting it in soud waves [...] it takes sound waves and convert it into courrent" A device also known as a microphone.

  • So in the future memes are gonna be fuel?

  • Did you really just make a "theory" about the actual plot of Monsters Inc like it wasnt all clearly explained in the film?

    • He made a theory on what was actually being harvested when visiting the children. Not the plot of the movie.

  • Am I going insane or can you hear some hammering in the last minutes of the vid ?

  • _"Give MatPat a Custom Creator Award!"_ - MLG Joe

  • a freaking silver medal. A SILVER MEDAL. Adults just don't smart like they used to.

  • Can you do a video of the C.D.A from monsters Inc

  • Wait a sec: ... Sound electricity... ... Oceans/ turbulent rivers/ waterfalls loud... ... If we could increase the energy output per diaphragm wiggle... ... o3o

    • Michael Reaves did this to power a microwave

  • “Emotion can be used as energy” Reminds me of how agony powers animatronics in fnaf.

  • Can you do a theory on AutoDale?

  • That Intro was epic

  • So, alternate energy sources to help a dying industry? Mm...nope, can't think of any parallels.

  • I haven't finished the video yet however, MatPat says that screams are louder then laughter, however, wouldn't it be harder to keep someone screaming than putting someone into a fit of laughter. Like it would take longer but, one scream for a minute and a half or a prolonged period of laughter the monsters could fill at least twice the canisters with laughs if they are funny enough

  • Also the more you scare the same child the more likely they become unafraid. Talk about fear therapy lol

  • Mat im from the philipines ok that got silver since its too big brain for smol brains ya get?

  • How facinating

  • You literally took this theory from the Pixar theory. Boo.

  • Kids: make a power source from sound and only get the silver medal dr doofenshmirtz : first time

  • Is this why my humor has gotten so bad during quarantine??

  • Wait mike has one eye memes have Changed the way I see him

  • Between this and that Valentine’s Day episode on food theory, it’s a miracle MatPat isn’t demonetized

  • I stick to Minecraft-

  • Michael Reaves did this to power a microwave

  • The eatable weed physically trace because meal nationally refuse without a eight rest. bored, scintillating ambulance

  • “I really wish kids would just stick to Minecraft!”

  • It's hilarious how much fnaf took over ur channel

  • 3:50 I appreciate the visual but sound waves are longitudinal waves, and the particles travel parallel to the direction of movement, not perpendicular. My guess is that this was known but chosen to be ignored for simplicity and ease. Just don't want people to get the wrong idea.

  • Love the intro

  • I think one of the reasons they didn't use parents for screen Powers because if they kept doing it then people would start to believe monsters exist cuz eventually enough parents would have said it and people are more likely to believe parents than kids. So it's not good for the long-term run

  • 4:08 BRUH, those are my seniors, I heard about the project before in my earlier years. Kinda makes my group project for 11th grade kinda sad in comparison...

  • Can we talk about how monsters inc predicted Bitcoin mining way before it was a thing. The doors are actually just a metaphor for Bitcoin.

  • Imagine how much power would Monster Inc have with Sr Pelo alone.

  • "A speaker but in reverse" "Take sound waves and convert it into electrical power" "Vibrate a magnet and coil system" MatPat.....You're literally describing a microphone---That thing you're using to record your description of a microphone.

  • Matpat do vid about 01a51cd0

  • Mat, this was just plain lazy. You're completely ignoraning the scene where Boo laughs inside of the appartment and creates so much electricity that she breaks their light bulb a d causes a blackout. Keep in mind that there were no yellow tanks around for holding screams. It's can also be compared to the low voltage she generated when crying. You're making it obvious that you didn't even watch the movie. Similar to how you've probably never played Minecraft.

  • If you can create energy from sound, you can create infinite energy from an echo chamber.

  • This is blowing my tiny tint little brain in the first 4 minutes

  • I dont live in egypt, so im gonna make my computer think i live in egypt, just to watch monsters inc

  • I need no nord vpn

  • Scream energy = adrenaline

  • What the ahhhhhhh

    • 2:35 dont ask me how I know 6:20 Steph!

  • how do you know

    • “They focus on children’s bedrooms” where is Chris Hansen?


  • Laster death good like a medicine

  • why is no one talking about the noise at 8:00

  • OK WAIT MATTPATT - itsa movie!!! its disney!!!! (MIC DROP)

  • Adventure time plz